Specialized Lending

At CFG, we understand how important borrowing money is to business management. Let us help address your lending, cash flow and financing needs.

A variety of specialized loan options to fit your business are available including: leasing, Small Business Administration loans, and leveraged lending for Merger and Acquisition financing.


Leasing is the perfect solution for equipment purchase with little to no down payment, allowing you to keep cash in your business.

Small Business Administration Loans

SBA 7A Loans are guaranteed and provide support to companies that might need that extra help to grow and expand.

SBA 504 Loan Debenture Program: Suitable for companies looking to acquire operational space using limited resources to finance that acquisition. With as little as 10% down, a firm can finance up to 90% of the purchase of a property.

Leveraged Lending for Merger and Acquisition Financing

Leveraged lending utilizes cash flow tools to maximize the ability to finance the purchase of a business.


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