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CFG Bank is proud to be named an Honor Roll Bank by Maryland Legal Services Corporation Fund for paying a high interest rate on IOLTA accounts.

As an integral part of providing customized comprehensive solutions, we offer several other deposit accounts specifically designed for lawyers, accountants, title companies and other professional service firms.

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA)

Available exclusively to lawyers, title companies and law firms managing general (multi-client) trust funds, this checking account earns interest with direct payment of interest to Maryland's Legal Services Corporation Fund.

The Maryland Affordable Housing Trust (MAHT)

MAHT was designed to provide flexible and creative financing tools to develop affordable housing for lower income households. MAHT is funded by a portion of the interest earned on trust accounts. This checking account earns interest with direct payment of interest to be paid to the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Escrow Accounts

We have escrow accounts designed for the attorney, CPA, real estate professional, funeral service provider, property manager and others that manage escrow funds for their clients. Our escrow accounts allow you to deposit fiduciary funds into an account with individual monitoring capabilities for each client.

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