Cash Management

We recognize your need to efficiently manage your business cash flow.

Our Cash Management professionals will analyze your existing and future needs and create a solution to ensure you have the products and services necessary to achieve your financial goals.

Online Banking

View our online banking tutorial here.

Business Online

Manage your accounts, check balances, transfer funds and download history 24/7.

Bill Payment

Pay bills quickly and easily with electronic bill pay. Avoid late or missed payments, the added cost of stamps or delays in mail processing.

Remote Deposit

Scan your checks 24/7 and eliminate trips to the bank. We give next day credit on deposits made prior to 7:00 pm EST.

Wire Transfer Services and Notifications

Move money to other banks virtually anywhere, with ease and security.

ACH Origination

Through this cost-effective product, you can disburse payments to vendors, employees (payroll), and treasury as well as initiate debits from your customers’ accounts for faster payment of invoices.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Simplify your daily operations by eliminating manual funding of subsidiary accounts.

Positive Pay

Securely import your check issue file into CFG Bank’s Business Online. Our matching and validation process

quickly identifies checks that are inconsistent with the data provided, giving your company the ability to

review and resolve these items in a timely manner.

Escrow Manager

For the attorney, CPA, real estate professional, property manager, and others that manage escrow funds for their clients.

Target Balance Management (TBM)

Automatically fund and/or pay down your line of credit based on maintaining a specific balance in your operating account.

Merchant Services

State-of-the-art payment processing solutions allow your business to process credit and debit card payments with the same convenience and ease as accepting cash.

Corporate Credit Card Program

Includes business credit cards, purchasing cards, and payroll cards with an array of rewarding options.

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